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Is TeliportMe Virtual Tours MLS Compliant?

MLS-friendly links

Yes - we are MLS compliant.

After you create the tour and are ready to share it there is an option to choose the MLS Link. Copying and pasting this link will make sure that your virtual tour is fully MLS compatible.

We are constantly working to ensure smooth sharing of Virtual Tours on MLS.

This is why we now MLS-friendly links. Those links are not necessary to use in each case, but they are designed to make it easier to add tours to MLS listings.

The MLS links are non-branded, so neither your logo or the TeliportMe logo is visible and the INFO button is disabled. One side note, sometimes local MLS providers need a pre-approval ( most do not) ; we strongly recommend sending our link in for pre-approval to be on the safer side.

To get an MLS-friendly link to your tour, select Share on the tour page and click on the Get MLS link.