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How does Branding work ?

This help article will guide you through the use of brands and branding options, a feature available to our customers on the Essential and Business plans. Brands are a powerful tool for streamlining the setup of virtual tours, ensuring consistency in visual presentation, and saving time. Whether you are a real estate agent, photographer, or any professional needing customized virtual tours, brands can make your workflow more efficient.

What Are Brands?

A brand in TeliportMe is a set of predefined settings including colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements that can be applied to virtual tours. By setting up a brand, you ensure that every virtual tour you create using that brand maintains a consistent look and feel, which is particularly useful for maintaining professional standards and meeting client expectations.

Here is a screenshot of the various branding options you have (we will be adding more)


Plan-Specific Branding Options

  • Essential Plan: Comes with one brand.

  • Business Plan: Comes with five brands.

These options allow you to set up and use multiple brands depending on your subscription, giving you flexibility and scalability.

Benefits of Using Brands

  1. Consistency: Maintain uniformity in colors, fonts, and other visual elements across all your virtual tours.

  2. Efficiency: Save time by using pre-set configurations for your tours, eliminating the need to manually set these for each new project.

  3. Professionalism: Present a polished and cohesive image to your clients and audience

Real Estate Agent Example

Imagine you are a real estate agent named Sarah. You often create virtual tours for different properties, but you want all these tours to reflect your agency’s branding. Here’s how Sarah can use a brand:

  1. Create a Brand: Sarah creates a brand called "Real Estate Default" with her agency’s colors (blue and white), fonts (Arial for titles and Helvetica for body text), and uploads her agency’s logo.

  2. Apply the Brand: Whenever Sarah creates a new virtual tour, she selects "Real Estate Default" from the branding options. All her virtual tours now have a consistent look, showcasing her agency’s professionalism.

Photographer Example

John is a photographer who regularly works with multiple clients, each with their own branding preferences. Here’s how John can use brands:

  1. Create Multiple Brands: John sets up separate brands for his clients.

    For Client A he uses a red and black color scheme with Times New Roman fonts and their logo.

    For Client B, he sets up a brand with green and gold colors, Verdana fonts, and their logo.

  2. Apply the Brand: When John creates a virtual tour for Client A, he selects the corresponding brand. The tour is automatically styled with Client A’s branding. The same goes for Client B’s tours.

Small Business Owner Example

Emily runs a boutique and wants her virtual store tours to match her brand’s aesthetic. Here’s how Emily can use a brand:

  1. Create a Brand: Emily creates a brand with her boutique’s pastel pink and white color scheme, stylish cursive fonts, and her boutique’s logo.

  2. Apply the Brand: When setting up a virtual tour of her store, Emily selects her boutique’s brand. The virtual tour now reflects her store’s unique and charming style, enhancing her customers' experience.

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