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How to Add a 3D Dollhouse to Your Virtual Tour?

Our lastest masterpiece, the 3D Dollhouse

We are delighted to bring you our latest offering - the 3D Dollhouse! It's just like the virtual tours Matterport offers, only better: our 3D Dollhouse feature enables you to explore spaces like never before! No expensive plugins or third-party vendors are required - just create your own dollhouse with our fun game-like interface, no technical know-how necessary!

So grab your tools and get building - it's time to start crafting your own 3D Dollhouse!


To add a 3D Dollhouse you need to do the following main steps

1. Have a Business plan subscription for TeliportMe.

We did a full tutorial for the feature and how to enable it which you can see here. Please keep in mind this feature is only available for business plan customers only.

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Do you have trouble setting up a 3D Dollhouse? Don't worry - reach out to us if you need assistance!