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Convert INSP images taken from Insta360 to Equirectangular panorama

Creating a virtual tour on using images from an Insta360 camera involves converting INSP (Insta360's proprietary image format) to equirectangular images. This tutorial will guide you through the process from start to finish using Insta360 Studio, a powerful tool designed specifically for Insta360 images.

Step 1: Download and Install Insta360 Studio

To begin, you’ll need Insta360 Studio software to convert your INSP files. Download and install it from the [Insta360 website](

Step 2: Import Your INSP Files

- Open Insta360 Studio.

- Click on Import or drag and drop your INSP files into the software. The software automatically recognizes the dual fisheye format and prepares it for conversion.

Step 3: Convert to Equirectangular Format

- Select the images you want to convert in the gallery view.

- For each image, adjust the viewpoint to ensure it covers the desired 360-degree perspective. Insta360 Studio offers tools to change the field of view and the angle of the images.

- Go to the Export menu. Here, you can choose the output format. Make sure to select Equirectangular as the projection type to get a seamless 360-degree panorama.

Step 4: Adjust Image Settings (Optional)

Before exporting, you might want to adjust settings such as brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance the quality of your images. Insta360 Studio provides sliders for these adjustments in the editing section.

Step 5: Export Your Images

- Once you’re satisfied with your adjustments, click on the Export button.

- Choose your desired resolution and format (JPG or PNG are preferred for compatibility).

- Save the files to your computer.

Step 6: Upload to

- Log in to your account on

- Navigate to the upload section. Here you can create a new virtual tour or add to an existing one.

- Upload your exported equirectangular images.

Step 7: Customize and Share Your Virtual Tour

- Once your images are uploaded, you can add hotspots, informational tags, and more to enhance interactivity.

- Share your virtual tour with others by linking directly or embedding it on websites and social media.

Additional Resources

- For more detailed instructions on using Insta360 Studio, visit their [official tutorials page](