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Convert Fisheye projection panorama to Equirectangular panorama

To convert fisheye-projected panoramas from popular 360 cameras to equirectangular panoramas, you can use a software tool like .

Step 1: Prepare Your Images

  • Before beginning the conversion process, ensure you have your fisheye images ready.

  • These images typically come from 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta, Insta360, or GoPro Fusion.

  • They usually look like two circular images on a black background, each representing a 180-degree view captured by the dual fisheye lenses of the camera.

Step 2:

  • Navigate to the website Depending on your volume of conversions you might need an account to login, but a free account is enough.

Step 3: Upload Your Fisheye Images

  • Once logged in, find the option to upload or import your images.

  • Select the fisheye images from your device.

Step 4: Configure Conversion Settings

  • After uploading, you should see options for configuring your panorama conversion.

  • Select the projection type as "Fisheye" and specify that you want to convert it to "Equirectangular".

  • The exact link for this is here :

Step 7: Review and Download

  • After the conversion is complete, you will get the preview of the equirectangular panorama.

  • Review the panorama for any errors in stitching or alignment.

  • Once satisfied, download the final equirectangular panorama.

Step 8: Upload to a Viewing Platform

To use your new panorama for virtual tours or VR, upload the equirectangular image to a platform that supports 360-degree content, such as

Otherwise, here's a list of panorama editing programs provided by the producers of popular spherical cameras. Those apps will allow you to make the conversion on your PC:

PS: Some of these softwares might not be updated or not working. We try our best to update this list but they are controlled by other companies.