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How to Add a Custom Link to Your Logo

This is a quick tutorial on how to add a custom link to your logo!

Incorporating a custom link into your logo is a great way to drive engagement and direct your viewers to specific content or external websites. With just one click, viewers can be instantly taken to relevant information, extra resources, or even your business website.

Go to your dashboard after you have logged into and enter the tour you want to edit in the editor mode.

1. Click "Add Block".


2. Click "+" to add the Logo Block.


3. Click the Logo

After you click the Logo on the panorama, you will see in the right-hand section the logo options show up.

Click the Logo

4. Choose "Custom" from the dropdown.

This will allow you to change your logo here by uploading your new logo image.


5. Add your own domain link - add

Add your own domain.

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