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Setup up a Custom Domain (Cname)

This guide shows how to set up a custom domain for TeliportMe BUSINESS subscriptions

  1. Purchase a domain (if not already owned) from a domain registering service.

  2. Choose between using the top-level domain or a subdomain (ex.


  3. Set up DNS:

    • If using a subdomain, add a CNAME record pointing to "".

    • Check the setup using the Google Dig tool:

      • Ensure there is only one A or CNAME record.

      • Remove any AAAA records (not supported by TeliportMe).

      • Leave MX or TXT records as they are.

  4. Wait for DNS propagation (up to 24 hours).

  5. HTTPS/SSL protocol activation may take up to 24 hours.

  6. After DNS setup is complete, use direct links or embed codes to access tours and posts.

Appendix: DNS tutorials

Below is a list of articles showing how to modify DNS settings for some of the popular domain registrars.

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Do you have trouble with setting up the Custom Domain? Don't worry - reach out to us if you need assistance!